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What’s Brewing In Newtown



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New development is brewing in Newtown, and this time it does not involve large tracts of wetlands being compromised, out of place tall structures, or the shifting around of already settled businesses.

Reverie Brewing Company opened its doors to beer connoisseurs the first weekend in March. Though located in a former construction machinery garage behind the buildings that house American Alloy Wire Company on Church Hill Road — a not-so-obvious site — beer lovers immediately nosed out the space to sample the locally crafted beers.

In a town that has bemoaned a lack of younger residents and any reasons for young adults to spend time (and money) here, Reverie offers a never-before option to attract this very population.

Information company Nielsen reported a year ago that the primary craft beer drinkers are young males, ages 21-34, who make a good living: between $75K and $99K a year. Women are also increasingly turning to craft brews, and these drinkers are drawn to a particular product after visiting a tasting room.

This is no typical barroom. A craft brewery such as Reverie adds one more intergenerational gathering place to Newtown’s repertoire of coffee shops and diners. Babies in strollers, toddlers balanced on bar stools, college students, millennials, and baby boomers mingle at communal tables. The European pub feel generates good will and conversation and an appreciation of the brewmaster and his/her product.

Reverie Brewing Company may be a dream come true for its owners, but this business is a dream come true for the community, as well. The benefits are great for both consumer and producer.

Newtown has longed for a draw from inside and outside the community for a long time. Craft breweries are one answer to that call, making use of under-utilized or abandoned spaces, creating a positive atmosphere for multiple generations, adding to the town’s tax base, promoting spending locally, and promoting responsible drinking with products that aim to tease the knowledgeable palate rather than catering to the less discerning drinker seeking a more raucous crowd found in many social environments.

Reverie Brewing joins other area craft breweries like Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery in Bethel and Veracious Brewing in Monroe. But Newtown’s singular brew pub will not be alone for long.

Up at Fairfield Hills, Asylum Brewing Company is pleased to have secured the old Stratford Hall and will begin renovations to put in place Newtown’s second craft brewery. Those who love a good beer will have yet another option for craft beers by this coming summer, owners hope.

They may be small steps in livening up Newtown’s scene, but they feel like steps in the right direction. When empty spaces are reinvigorated by profitable businesses, when Newtown and Sandy Hook residents are drawn together in celebration of shared interests, it adds color to the community. Coupled with the welcoming programs and surroundings of our C.H. Booth Library, innovative programming at Edmond Town Hall, as well as the soon-to-come community/senior center complex, our town appears to be drawing closer to… drawing us all closer.

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