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To the Editor:

Congratulations to those in the Borough who worked so hard on the excellent planning for the sidewalk and crosswalk project; funding is in place, and you are ready to make it happen. Continued effort to improve walkability adds a great deal to the livability of a town. Thanks for your continued efforts.

I was glad to see ideas being discussed for senior housing on Commerce Road.

Do I hear affordable?

I am concerned about the density of the project, including the four-story height of the buildings. Of course we realize that return on investment is a critical factor for development but all development needs to be done with the character of the town in mind.

It seems that 140 units max might be more appropriate for the site and a max of three levels closer to what would be in line with development history. Also, I guess it is a matter of taste but the general design of the one-story units is reminiscent of a self-storage building and the lineup of four-story buildings reminds us of the GE factories that were torn down on the East Side of Bridgeport some years ago.

John S. Boccuzzi, Sr.


Editor’s Note: Front page coverage of two upcoming hearings on this proposed project appeared in the March 17 print edition, and at newtownbee.com.

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  1. qstorm says:

    I knew I recognized that architecture – GE factory in BPT (which was a munitions factory originally). I worked in one of those back in the ’80s.

  2. saxon9075 says:

    Mr. Boccuzzi raises good points. I would say look to Brookfield and their experience with senior housing. There is rule of thumb that each unit results in something like 1 5 calls for service per day. In Stamford, they built a 200 unit Continuity of Care facility. They do at least 1 ambulance and 1 fire call a day there. Can Newtown sustain, let alone afford the increase in demand for service ?

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