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Police Break Up Large Underage Alcohol Party 



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Police Break Up Large

Underage Alcohol Party 

After receiving a noise complaint about 10:30 pm on Saturday, March 31, police responded to a residence on Pond Brook Road, in the vicinity of Georges Hill Road, where they encountered an alcohol party at which an estimated 75 underage youths had gathered.

Police did not disclose the address of the home, where upon their arrival they spotted dozens of high school age youths inside and outdoors near the house. Three youths received infractions on alcohol charges.

The homeowners were not present at the event, police said, adding that their underage daughter was at home and hosting the party.

After police arrived, the youths scattered into adjacent wooded areas, police said.

The youths who had driven to the party had parked their vehicles at the residence and also alongside roads in the area, police said.

Police were able to isolate the about 20 vehicles that were parked at the residence and then proceeded to identify the owners of those vehicles, many of whom were the parents of those attending the party, police said.

While at the property, police found numerous open containers of a variety of alcoholic beverages, police said.

The youths whom police were able to locate at the party were turned over to their parents or legal guardians at the scene, police said. There were no injuries in the incident, police said.

The girl under age 18 who hosted the party was issued infractions for possession of alcohol by a minor in a private location, and also for permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol in a residence or on private property or failing to halt such illegal possession. Those two violations carry a combined fine of $272, police said.

Also, police issued another girl under age 18 an infraction for possession of alcohol by a minor in a private location. That violation carries a $136 fine.

State law considers people under age 18 who receive such infractions to be “youthful offenders” whose identities are shielded from disclosure.

Additionally, police issued Collin S. Gage, 18, of 38 Mt Pleasant Road an infraction for possession of alcohol by a minor in a private location. The legal minimum age for alcohol possession is 21.

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