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Courteous Behavior Means A Cleaner Community



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To the Editor:

I am writing this note as a plea and reminder to everyone who hikes, fishes, or bikes around our beautiful town that we can all exercise a bit of common sense and responsibility for keeping our common open spaces clean. I hike and fish regularly around town and have been dismayed to see the callous disregard some folks have when it comes to picking up after themselves… worm containers, fishing lure packaging, fish that have been filleted and thrown back in the Pootatuck (this last weekend, even though trout season opened early for catch and release only); bottles, cans, and candy wrappers along hiking trails. I don’t believe anyone is raised to believe that littering and wasteful behavior are good qualities in a person.

It does not take much effort to pack out what you bring with you and no one likes to clean up after someone else’s mess.

Be considerate, responsible, and enjoy what the town has to offer for outdoor recreation.


Jeff Snyder

20 High Rock Road, Sandy Hook

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