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The Real Police Problem



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To the Editor:

Watching the testimony of the Black Police Chief Arrandondo, in the Chauvin trial, made me come to realize white policeman [Derek] Chauvin may have been sickly, believing to himself that he was not keeping his foot on George Floyd — but on the neck of his Black Police Chief Arrandondo.

Chauvin most probably is a racist, and got stuck on a job position now that made him have to take orders from a Black man — which is one of the worst things a racist want to experience!

However, the real problem was not Chauvin, but the three policeman that were working with him. They could, and should, have intervened and prevented Chauvin from killing Floyd. He would still be alive today!

This is the real problem of many police departments today, and where they should be reforming their policemen.

Paul Adinolfi

189 Julia Court, Sandy Hook April 9, 2021

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