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How Soon They Forget



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To the Editor:

The New Haven Register editorial of April 11, 2013 notes that our “senior” US Senator, Mr Blumenthal, has used the Sandy Hook shootings, to ask for money for his next political campaign in 2016.

I find this action to be sickening, disturbing, and downright wrong, bit what do we expect from someone who lied about his military service to promote himself for higher public office?

Why is it that these questionable individuals, that we voted into office to represent us, only know how to promote themselves. How soon they forget why they are there; but when they want something from us (our vote) they remember who put them in office.

Citizens; remember this obscenity when Mr. Blumenthal asks you for your vote. When will we learn that nothing ever changes after they get into office.

John Karlson

167 Great Quarter Road, Sandy Hook   April 15, 2013

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