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A Good Review For The Reviewer



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To the Editor:

As Bee theater critic Julie Stern and her husband, Peter, move on to the next phase in their lives, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Julie for all she has done for the cause of local theater. She has not only been a staunch supporter of Town Players of Newtown, but also community theater in general for the past 25 years. Her presence on opening weekends with Peter was greatly anticipated. Even if she didn't particularly love a show, she always had something positive to say about the production, which was very much appreciated by the scores of volunteers and amateur actors who looked forward to her reviews each week.

She will be sorely missed. On behalf of Town Players, I wish her and Peter all the best in their new home in Pennsylvania.

Pam Meister Jones

Chairman, Town Players of Newtown

11 Park Lane, Newtown                   June 2, 2014

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