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Lathrop Students Perform Another Broadway-Caliber Revue



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The lights on Broadway are to shine again this September.

Newtown families were fortunate to not have wait that long, thanks to the talented students and staff of Lathrop School of Dance (LSOD), who had lights and curtains up last weekend at Edmond Town Hall.

Performers of all ages showcased their talents in two shows on Saturday, June 5, when they presented the 69th Stardust Revue.

“Miss Tamra” Saric, owner and director of LSOD, has worked tirelessly with her dance staff this past school year. All continued to perfect the process of teaching dance routines by Zoom, moving to socially distanced spacing in a parking lot (hoping for good weather), getting back into the gymnasium, graduating to the studio and then showtime on stage. It was a long journey, but well worth it.

Graduating dancers opened the show with “Stardust,” an annual tribute to seniors, and then there was no stopping the toe-tapping by the audience.

The curtains opened to an effervescent jazz dance routine featuring three classes, prepping the viewers for “The Greatest Show.” Dancers did not disappoint throughout from the baby Sweethearts to the Stardusters.

Varied styles of jazz, ballet, tap, and hip hop showcased the flair of the dancers, featuring routines choreographed by LSOD’s dance teachers — a tribute to their talent as well.

LSOD also celebrated milestones last weekend, with dancing diva Mary Edgerton and Starduster and teacher “Miss Megan” Lamontagne tapping for 25 years. For both, the beat goes on!

Master of Ceremonies Bill Caron, aka Mr Colby, said it best at the podium: Miss Tamra has been the glue holding LSOD together these past couple of years.

Continuing to build on a solid foundation, Miss Tamra’s accomplishments have brought continued success to the dance school, and with her adaptability and resourcefulness, among so many other assets, LSOD’s legacy is alive and thriving.

Following an abbreviated finale, Miss Tamra was joined by her husband, Marco, and 2-year-old daughter, Mila, on stage. She acknowledged her talented instructing staff who continue to help make this show happen, as well as the behind-the-scenes “Lathrop family” members who do their jobs so the audiences always see “the best show ever.”

It was indeed a nice prequel to Broadway.

Members of Lathrop School of Dance join the studio’s owner and her husband, Tamra and Marco Saric, at right, on stage for the finale of last weekend’s 69th Stardust Revue. Performances for family and friends only were offered at Edmond Town Hall Theatre. —Bee Photo, Sherri Smith Baggett
—Bee Photo, Hallabeck
From left are Dawn Roman-Weide, Caryl Timmel, and Bonnie Shepherd. —Bee Photo, Hallabeck
Julielle Topolski —Bee Photo, Hallabeck
—Bee Photo, Hallabeck
—Bee Photo, Hallabeck
—Bee Photo, Hallabeck
—Bee Photo, Hallabeck
—Bee Photo, Hallabeck
Some of Lathrop School’s youngest dancers were “Cinderella’s Sweethearts.” —Bee Photo, Silber
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