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Reeducating Our Children



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To the Editor:

I am writing this letter because I believe that only a massive effort in “reeducating our children” is called for to save our American Republic now facing dangerous challenges and multiple enemies who seek our demise and eventual downfall.

We must design an education model that will offer a new platform to develop the minds of our children who face indoctrination and mental sterilization from the radical Democratic politicians who seek to control their future by making them subservient to government control.

The future belongs to those societies that make a primary commitment to cultivating the minds, the character, and the creative intellectual abilities of the young. We have failed to realize this commitment in the last 50 years because we lacked the leaders in education who didn’t believe in this objective. Instead, we trusted their education model was succeeding in developing the minds of our students. As the system slowly deteriorated, government officials and educators were convinced that spending billions would resolve the problem, but it hasn’t. The education system has further deteriorated in 2021 with the closing of schools and the refusal of teachers to return to work. Now the concept of education has become politicized by theories of “counter culture” and “critical race theory.”

We find ourselves trapped in an “intelligence trap” unable “to think out of the box.” Concerned parents are looking at alternative education choices to avoid putting their children into public schools that are contaminated. While this may be a temporary solution, it will not create a learning environment that will nurture and develop higher level cognitive abilities that are critical to the future of our children and allow them to reach the highest level of human development as that is their natural right.

Dr Rudy Magnan

Oakview Drive, Sandy Hook June 18, 2021

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