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What the Heck is Going On?



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What the Heck is Going On?

To the Editor:

What the heck is going on? I recently received a card mailer from Republican Fifth District Congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley. That’s a normal practice with the August 14 Republican Primary coming up, but why would it prominently display former lieutenant governor candidate and current Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton?

On the surface, this endorsement looks like something politicians do, endorse candidates; but hold the press, with other more qualified candidates in the race, why this one?

I would like to remind all of you sitting State Senators and State Representatives, Kevin Witkos, Selim Noujaim, Tony D’Amelio, Whit Betts, DebraLee Hovey, Al Adinolfi, Tim Legeyt, Richard Smith, and even Mayor Boughton, that your published endorsement of Wilson-Foley is for the same person who had donated to Democrat Chris Murphy’s campaign to defeat Republican Fifth District Congressional Candidate Nancy Johnson and then David Cappiello. Coincidentally, Mr Cappiello is a lifelong resident of Danbury; wonder how he felt about Wilson-Foley’s financial support of Murphy and the rest of it now? Also, are you the same group who practically drove embattled Connecticut Republican Chairman Chris Healy out of office last year before he resigned; but are now cozy with him as a hired hand for the Wilson-Foley campaign? Are you the same group who lived through disgraced Connecticut Governor John Roland’s resignation, indictment and conviction, but are now disregarding the federal grand jury’s investigation of his $5,000 per month consulting contract with Apple Rehab, Wilson-Foley family’s business, all the while Mr Roland is claiming to be an unpaid volunteer for Wilson-Foley’s Campaign?

Had enough? I have, but one last thing; please reconsider your endorsements, vote for the most qualified candidate when you are in the voting booth (who will ever know?) and let’s end all the rumors of political quid pro quo. There should be no questions when we vote for the most qualified candidate and that is not Wilson-Foley!

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Krizan

663A Heritage Village, Southbury                                 July 26, 2012

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