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‘I Can,’ Not ‘Can’t’



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To the Editor:

I was utterly disappointed in this week’s Bee editorial “When Hearing Voices Is A Good Thing.” It not only parroted the Fairfield Hills anti-housing rhetoric but layered on a notion that our emergency services will be stretched to breaking point. With roughly 100 units of renters? Nobody seemed to be outraged when developers and builders descended upon Newtown over the years, “straining” resources.”

There is a poem by Edgar Guest, Can’t, which is more relevant today than ever. It begins “Can’t is a word that is foe to ambition” and ends with “answer this demon by saying I can.”

We “can’t” get sensible gun laws, we “can’t” discuss climate change, we “can’t” have an ordinance on single use plastic, we “can’t” talk about mass transportation, we “can’t” evolve and change our made up minds.

Time is ticking on the abandoned FH buildings where, in a short time, they will collapse into a dangerous rubble of asbestos and toxic waste. Or they can be rehabilitated, according to expert sources, while staying true to the architecture of the day. We are running out of sensible options, and eventually there will be no option except to go back to the taxpayer well and hire an expensive company to remediate the remainder of the campus.

Or we can just say “No” and let time do the rest. I prefer to say “I can.”

Geraldine Carley

66 Currituck Road, Newtown

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