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To the Editor:

Newtown will have an opportunity on November 8 to vote for a young, highly motivated and talented candidate to work for us as State Senator in Hartford, representing Newtown, Fairfield, Bethel and Easton.

Tim Gavin, a recent Yale graduate who was Captain in the US Army for 4 years and is currently Captain in the Reserves, brings fresh blood, important values and a strong sense of ethics to the political arena.

Tim strongly supports women’s rights, better gun safety (he believes the weapons he used in the Army DO NOT belong on the street), and protection for our children against abuses on social media and the internet. Currently, he works for a think tank while living in Fairfield, briefing United States Congressional offices, the European Commission, and government offices in the UK.

He has provided expert input on legislation like the bipartisan Platform Accountability and Transparency Act sponsored by Amy Klobuchar and the EU Code of Practice on Disinformation. He is already serving not just Newtown and the rest of Connecticut, but the entire country as well!

Tim Gavin isn’t just another attorney or real estate agent. He’s a young, aspirational and inspirational candidate who cares deeply about making changes! I hope you’ll support him and vote for him on November 8! Thank you.

Beth Holland


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  1. qstorm says:

    The weapons Tim (and I) used in the Army are not found on the street. They are securely locked up in the US military’s arms rooms.

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