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Never Vote For Higher Taxes



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Never Vote For Higher Taxes

To the Editor:

Government spending is out of control. The federal budget is a mess, with state and local budgets in bad shape. I urge my fellow Newtowners to “just say no” on the upcoming $6 million referendum. Here are some of my reasons:

1. Your federal and state taxes are going up. The state is running a deficit and Rell will most likely cave to the Democratic controlled legislature to raise taxes in a special legislative session called (you guessed it) after the November elections. If Obama wins you can expect a hefty federal tax increase.

2. The price of everything from food, heating oil, gasoline, and electricity is taking a larger bite of personal disposable income. You will need every penny to maintain your standard of living at it current level. You can’t afford to pay more local taxes!!

3. If the school overcrowding issue is a “crisis,” then why has the town solicited state funds for an affordable (subsidized) housing study. Won’t the residents of these units put additional strains on our school and tax system??

4. Newtown’s environmental policies are inconsistent with the rush to build the high school addition and avoid the LEED requirements. The town signed on to the renewable electrical generation at a cost premium to the taxpayers. It received an award from the state for its green initiatives. The state has imposed a “carbon credit” (tax) on electrical generators which is passed on to the ratepayers. Why should a building be built, avoiding the LEED requirements, thus ensuring higher energy costs throughout its lifetime??

Government spending is out of control. Let’s start locally and cut off their funding then we can move to the state and federal levels. Never vote for anyone who proposes increasing your taxes.

Ronald Polard

5 Point O’ Rocks Road, Newtown                       September 30, 2008

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