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The IPN On The NHS Expansion



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The IPN On The NHS Expansion

To the Editor:

The high school expansion is critical to the quality of education in Newtown. The project has been well planned and managed and has been in the works for years.

It is unfortunate that the original estimate of costs were lower than what the ultimate bids came back for, but of course that is exactly why you seek bids before starting a project such as this. We are not alone in seeing costs increase as other town’s school bids have also been coming in above original estimates.

The Independent Party of Newtown has voted to support the additional appropriation after careful review, research, and analysis of the data available. Our support is based on the overwhelming need for the high school expansion project. The IPN believes the risk of not going forward with this project, at this time, is too great. Future costs are very likely to increase, not decrease, with additional state design requirements.

The initial voter turnout for the expansion referendum was higher than any other referendum in the history of Newtown. There was overwhelming support for the high school expansion project. The high school expansion project passed by an unprecedented margin of 1,336 votes. We need each and every one of those voters to come out to the polls one more time.

Now is the time.

It is critical that voters participate in this final step for the high school expansion. Let’s finish the job and start building for our future.

Bruce Walczak


12 Glover Avenue, Newtown                                         October 1, 2008

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