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Deb Z. for BOE



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To the Editor:

I am writing to voice my enthusiastic support for Deb Zukowski for a seat on Newtown’s Board of Education. Three valuable seats will be open next month, and Newtown would be well-served to see Deb Z. fill one of them.

Deb and her husband, Charles, have lived in Newtown for 17 years. Their two daughters graduated from Newtown High School and are now gainfully employed in the math and science sectors. Deb, an MIT grad in Electrical Engineering, was highly involved in her daughters’ education here and cares deeply about maintaining integrity, efficacy, and innovation throughout the curriculum.

I was born and raised in Newtown, and Deb is as passionate about our town as anyone I’ve ever met. I have sought her counsel and assistance with a myriad of projects and have enjoyed watching firsthand how she approaches complex challenges with logic and tenacity. As a longtime subscriber and volunteer for Newtown Friends of Music, Deb took on logistical and financial challenges that few others were willing to do, with a refreshingly straight-forward and nimble approach. She brings a calm, positive determination to problem solving, carefully studying the root cause, and prioritizing logical solutions over all else. Politics and favors never enter her mind.

Deb’s organizational skills and ability to collaborate effectively with people of all disciplines make her an ideal team member for any group where ethics and integrity are paramount. I can think of no better person to serve on the Board of Education at this critical time. Newtown would be fortunate indeed to have her at the table as educational, financial, and political issues come to bear on our children’s future.


Kaia M. Fahrenholz

President, Newtown Friends of Music

38 Aunt Park Lane, Newtown October 9, 2019

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