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Harriman-Stites Has Essential Qualities Newtown Needs



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To the Editor:

When I recently read (The Newtown Bee, October 16, 2020 "Writer Speculates: Does Rebekah Like Newtown?") here that Rebekah Harriman-Stites was among those who would attack the “very essence of our community,” I wondered if this person knew anything about her. The comments I hear about Rebekah’s work on Newtown’s Board of Education are that Rebekah “makes good decisions.” I completely agree. What more could we ask of a representative for our community?

I also wonder which “essence” they were referring to. I have been a resident of Newtown for the past 37 years. One of my first experiences in town was attending a town block party held at the Queen Street Shopping Center. It was not a fancy gathering — we were essentially hanging out in the parking lot enjoying music and one another. I recall the warm feeling of community being present. The essence of the community has changed quite a bit since 1983 when I moved here. Of course, there are things about Newtown I miss, but Newtown changed before I arrived and continues to change. Change is certainly necessary to achieve positive growth.

What has not changed are the essential qualities I believe are required in an individual I would support for public office. I want them to be smart and pragmatic, work hard, inspire others, exhibit passion and energy. Most importantly, I want our representatives to exemplify honesty and integrity. I have witnessed these qualities in Rebekah.

I have been personally inspired by the energy and passion shown by Rebekah when it comes to the issues that I believe are important to Newtown. I recognize Rebekah’s pragmatism when faced with tackling a problematic issue. She thoughtfully and intelligently strategizes while she considers all sides of an issue.

Mary Carr

8 Honey Lane, Sandy Hook October 21, 2020

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