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Letters Of Endorsement



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Letters Of Endorsement

To the Editor:

Let me begin by urging all Newtown voters to continue our long tradition of high voter participation in Presidential elections. It is not only our right, but a civic obligation to vote.

I plan to vote for Al Gore and Joe Lieberman to lead our country to continued peace and prosperity. They have the experience and record of achievement that we need and the case for change has not been made.

Jim Maloney has been an outstanding congressman for Newtown. His constituent service and record for securing funds for numerous projects important to Newtown and our neighboring communities is exemplary.

While all of the candidates running for State Senate and State Representative are dedicated, high quality people, I believe a case can be made that Felix Giannini for State Senate and Joe Ziehl for State Representative, as members of the majority party in the State Legislature, will have a greater impact for Newtown than their opponents. That is the way that the Legislature has functioned under both Democratic and Republican majorities.

The one exception to that majority fact of life has been our State Representative Julia Wasserman, who co-chairs the Program Review Committee. Although unopposed, Julia deserves all of our votes as thanks for her hard work and good results for Newtown.

Once again, please make us all proud that Newtown citizens fulfill their obligations and vote.


Herbert C. Rosenthal

70Main Street, Newtown                                     November 1, 2000

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