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A Democrat For Stefanowski



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To the Editor:

I’m a Democrat that can’t wait to vote for Bob Stefanowski, suggesting in the absolute strongest of terms that fellow Democrats (that this letter is aimed towards — looking at you, all 90 percent that are backing Lamont in the poll) to take the plunge and vote for Bob Stefanowski, and forget about Trump if you don’t like him. Trump has nothing to do with this race.

You can’t take the gamble with eight years of Malloy. Sixty-one percent disapprove of Malloy, so it’s a mistake of epic proportions for even one single one of that 61 percent to cast a vote for “Mallamont.” I kindly call upon all of you to focus on the mostly positive and take that final plunge to proudly and without worry, cast a vote for Bob Stefanowski.

It is my responsibility that I must place before all of you the consequences of a Lamont governorship based on eight years of Malloy, along with him caught on audio on one of the radio station interviews talking about higher taxes and tolls.

Just to let you know, I donated to Beto O’Rourke in Texas, so if this Democrat is okay with Bob Stefanowski, I suggest that every Democrat be okay with him as well. Bob Stefanowski will stand strong on constitutional principles as well.

Thank you for reading, considering, and giving Stefanowski at least one last fair look during this critical moment.

P.S. Remember the income tax in 1991? There’s an actual chance to get rid of it that Rowland couldn’t do in the early 2000s because he was tied up in scandal. Democrats, you’d be voting yourself a much bigger take-home paycheck by voting Stefanowski.

Rich Rosenwald

46 South Cherry Street, Wallingford         October 31, 2018

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