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Raising A Glass For Election Day



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Raising A Glass For Election Day

The important issues and candidate choices of this political season have excited many followers of local politics. In line with The Bee’s extensive political coverage, I would surely be remiss by not calling your attention to the important role of wine in the coming election.

Those who are concerned about getting by on their income while real estate taxes climb should turn their attention to the wines of Spain. For the last few years, Spanish wines have consistently offered the best values in the market. The wines offer bright fruit flavors, surprising complexity, and can often be found for under $10 per bottle. Many wines rated 90 points or better by the leading wine publications sell for well under $20 per bottle.

For many Newtown residents, over development is a major concern. Newtown’s wine drinkers can voice their concern through their support of “green” wineries. Some wineries are switching to solar energy to decrease their carbon footprint. Organic wineries are limiting their use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Biodynamic wineries take the organic concept a step further by planting and harvesting in harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos. (It sounds wacky, but the wines are quite good.) California’s Lolonis Winery is one of the organic pioneers whose wines are worth seeking out.

There has also been some controversy over what to build in Newtown. If it turns out that school expansion and a new town hall do not come to pass, Newtowners can quench their thirst for new construction by visiting a new winery in the Napa Valley. After 14 years and $30 million, Sattui Winery has created Castello di Amoroso. This eight-story, 121,000 square foot replica of a Tuscan castle is now open for tours.

Of course, the election results will find the winners toasting with Champagne while the losers drown their sorrows. For large gatherings, Prosecco, a sparkling wine from northern Italy, is becoming quite popular. It is a touch fruitier than a Brut Champagne but much drier than an Asti. Prosecco also provides good taste at moderate prices.

Cheers to all of those who have taken the time to volunteer for Newtown. Perhaps a shared glass of wine over dinner can help everyone find a reasonable way to reach common ground.

 (Newtown resident and wine enthusiast Steve Small is the general manager at Yankee Wine & Spirits on Queen Street.)

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