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Tony Hwang: A Leader With Vision
By Mark D. Boughton



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To the Editor:

I remember a time when Connecticut was a place where taxes were low, where children went to quality schools, and where businesses were allowed to grow and to flourish. On November 8 we have an opportunity to send a message - that it's time for the Connecticut comeback. And we can send this message by voting for Tony Hwang.

During his ten years in public service, Tony has proven time and time again that he is committed to the community he serves. His vision, leadership, and cooperative approach is steering Connecticut in the right direction.

We need state leaders who will work fearlessly to create a business-friendly environment that helps create jobs, and reduces the heavy tax burden on our for working families. We need to create laws that energize our stagnant economy. I believe Tony Hwang is that kind of leader.

Tony has worked tirelessly and in a bipartisan manner on important initiatives like school safety and critical transportation investments. His fiscally responsible proposals and bipartisan attitude are exactly what we need in state government. Progress cannot be made until both sides work together toward our common goals.

If you care about the future of Connecticut, I urge you vote for Tony Hwang for state senate, 28th District.

Mark D. Boughton

Office of the Mayor, City of Danbury

155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury         November 2, 2016

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