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Zimmerman, Dornfeld, Frampton Will Work To Serve
By LeReine Frampton



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To the Editor:

I have lived in Newtown since 1968. There have been many changes, some good and some bad. Whatever the changes, they should reflect what the voters of Newtown want. That is why they are elected - to represent us.

Eva Zimmerman will do that. She will listen and represent the will of those that elect her. She has proven that by her volunteering and dedication to this election. She is honest and truly caring. She volunteers to help, not to get credit or get her picture in the paper. She treats people with respect and takes the time to listen to them. She has earned my vote.

Sharon Dornfeld is exactly who we want in our probate office. Look at her signs - simple - just the office and her name. She is telling you that she is there for you. She will listen to you. She is not too important for you to take up her time. She is an amazing woman who will be there for the citizens who are in their worst hours.

I am very proud to be on the ballot again this year. I work for the people. I answer and assist all voters regardless of political party. I fight for accurate and fair elections. Honest elections. During a recount four years ago, we were watched by six lawyers from the state. At the end, one of the Republican lawyers came and shook my hand, saying it was the best recount he had ever attended. It was fair and honest. Nothing hid. I wish all government could be like that.

I hope I have earned your vote on November 8. I am on the top row, right between two great women, Eva Zimmerman and Sharon Dornfeld. Give us your vote and we will work to serve you.

Thank you,

LeReine Frampton

6 Pebble Road, Newtown         November 2, 2016

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