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Keep Our World Safe And Clean



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To the Editor:

Regarding a recent letter entitled “Help Make The World Better.” (October 30, 2020, The Newtown Bee.) Clare is so right that trash, particularly plastic bags, beverage rings, straws, and mylar balloons are a danger to birds, fish, and many animal species.

Often I, too, find trash along roadsides, parks, and wild places. Each of us can make a difference by properly disposing of trash and by picking it up where we find it. Taking a trash bag along on walks and hikes is an excellent idea.

I would like to express my thanks to Clare and Ella for reminding us that we all share this responsibility for protecting wildlife and in keeping our world safe and clean.

Clare, Ella… you are Stars!

Holly Kocet

Conservation Commission

2 Karen Boulevard, Newtown November 2, 2020

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