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Letters Of Endorsement

To the Editor:

Newtown is fortunate to have scores of individuals who emphasize the importance of having a government that listens to its citizens. When the Democratic and Republican parties failed to “listen,” a new party emerged, the Independent Party of Newtown (IPN). Its amazing successes in view of the longstanding two-party system has energized the Democratic party to offer numerous new candidates for the November 8 election and awakened the Republicans to be better listeners.

Several major contests need review. Some members of the Board of Finance have served more than 20 years. The IPN has two new highly qualified candidates for this board, Rudy Magnan EdD, a retired international business consultant, and Carol Walsh, a scientist overseeing a $7 million research budget. Mrs Walsh will add a much needed woman’s voice to the board.

Planning and Zoning continues to consider housing at Fairfield Hills. An unusual candidate, Deborra Zukowski, a computer engineer, has come forward to run as a “petitioning” candidate, which means she represents no political party. Look for her name on the ballot.

The important Police Commission has some unusually prepared newcomers and excellent candidates. IPN proposes James Walsh, Philip Cruz, and Neil Randal, PhD. Review their qualifications on the IPN website.

The important Legislative Council currently consists of eight Republicans, three Independents, and one lone Democrat. A council dominated by a majority of eight Republicans is not a healthy situation for “listening” to citizens. Ideally, each party would have four members to ensure a serious consideration of each agenda item, respect for opposing views, and ensure compromise on difficult decisions.

All IPN candidates are strong supporters of education. IPN council member Kevin Fitzgerald, First District, is running for reelection. Newcomers Bruce Walczak and Randy Young seek election in District 2 and Robert Duero and Roger Letso in District 3. The Republicans and Democrats have 12 candidates each for the Legislative Council (Newtown Bee October 28, 2011, page 10).

Well-qualified Board of Education candidate Laura Main, a doctoral candidate at WestConn, participated in the recent PTA/PTSA open forum (Newtown Bee October 28, 2011, page 1).

One question for all the selectmen candidates, “Will you support and work to implement the FFHMP Review Report or will you reject parts of it? How will you proceed to facilitate its recommendations?” The report, reflecting a yearlong study and the online citizen poll, recommends FFH become a “Destination” for all our citizens.

Its order of importance: 1. A place for community, culture and arts; 2. community recreation; 3. town and community services; 4. open land; 5. commercial/economic (pages 2–8)

Becoming an enlightened voter is not easy. Study the websites of each party and the individuals who have one. Talk to friends and neighbors. In the pursuit of individual freedom and the democratic ideal, remember, “just powers are derived from the consent of the governed.” Vote November 8.

Ruby K. Johnson, PhD

16 Chestnut Hill, Sand Hook                                  November 3, 2011

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