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Fire Reports | November 9-16, 2021



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The dispatchers at the Newtown Emergency Communications Center, at 191 South Main Street, report the following fire calls and the responders:

Tuesday, November 9: 6:42 pm, cover assignment, I-84 West between Exits 14 and 13, Sandy Hook covered; 10:14 pm, CO alarm, Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook responded.

Wednesday, November 10: 12:43 pm, medical assist, Philo Curtis Road, Sandy hook responded; 3:45 pm, motor vehicle accident (MVA) with injury, Mt Pleasant/Pocono Road, Hawleyville responded.

Thursday, November 11: 10:25 am, medical assist, Mt Pleasant Road, Hawleyville responded; 10:40, medical assist, Foster Drive, Botsford responded.

Friday, November 12: 12:32 am, medical assist, Settlers Lane, Botsford responded; 3:00 pm, CO alarm, Engleside Terrace, Sandy Hook responded; 10:28 am, MVA with injury, I-84 East between Exits 9 and 10, Hawleyville responded; 10:56 am, MVA with injury, I-84 West between Exits 10 and 9, Hook & Ladder and Hawleyville responded; 11:06 am, tree/wires down, New Lebbon Road, Botsford responded; 11:12 am, tree/wires down, Eden Hill Road, Dodgingtown responded; 11:14 am, tree/wires down, Bennetts Bridge/Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook responded; 11:22 am, tree/wires down, Palestine Road, Dodgingtown responded; 11:54 am, tree/wires down, Bears Hill Road, Botsford responded; 12:40 pm, tree/wires down, Hattertown Road/Wiley Lane, Dodgingtown responded.

Saturday, November 13: 8:27 am, service call, Haley Lane/Walnut Tree Hill Road, Sandy Hook covered; 1:57 pm, tree/wires down, Pond Brook Road, Hawleyville responded; 4:38 pm, wires burning, Carol Ann Drive, Hook & Ladder responded; 5:04 pm, tree/wires down, Great Quarter Road, Sandy Hook responded; 7:04 pm, tree/wires down, Great Quarter Road, Sandy Hook responded; 7:13 pm, tree/wires down, Pond Brook Road, Hawleyville responded.

Sunday, November 14: 2:28 am, medical assist, Joal Court, Hawleyville responded; 5:24 am, medical assist, Mt Pleasant Road, Hawleyville responded; 9:05 am, service call, Main Street/Church Hill Road, Hook & Ladder covered; 10:13 am, service call, Julia Court, Sandy Hook covered; 10:19 am, service call, Haley Lane, Sandy Hook covered; 1:36 pm, medical assist, Valley Field Road South, Sandy Hook responded; 5:53 pm, commercial fire alarm (CFA), Taunton Hill Road, Hawleyville responded.

Monday, November 15: 4:06 pm, tree/wires down, Poverty Hollow Road, Dodgingtown responded.

Tuesday, November 16: 1:01 am, CFA, South Main Street, Hook & Ladder responded; 3:34 pm, appliance fire, Pootatuck Trail, Sandy Hook and Hook & Ladder responded; 5:59 pm, MVA with injury, Berkshire Road/Wasserman Way, Sandy Hook responded.

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