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Gov Rell Urges Citizens To Buy Energy Efficient Products  & Weatherize Homes



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Gov Rell Urges Citizens To Buy Energy Efficient Products  & Weatherize Homes

 Hartford — Governor M. Jodi Rell is calling on all citizens to take advantage of the new sales tax exemption “holiday” on energy-efficient products and heating equipment to prepare their homes for winter and to conserve energy.

The temporary exemption from the six percent state sales tax took effect Friday, November 25, and is available until April 1, 2006.

During this expected period of high energy costs, citizens may receive the sales tax exemption on residential energy efficient products and heating equipment to include insulation, programmable thermostats, water heaters and blankets, window film, weather stripping, caulking, windows and natural gas furnaces that meet federal Energy Star standards, and oil furnaces that are at least 85 percent efficient.

“I urge all citizens to use this savings opportunity to make their homes more efficient and save even more of their hard-earned dollars on energy costs,” said Gov Rell. “Some of these energy-saving products are quite expensive but they can lead to long-term energy savings while greatly increasing the value of a home. Now is the time to complete those home energy improvements you might have been putting off.”

The exemption applies to all eligible products purchased at retail stores in Connecticut, those purchased over the Internet, and products purchased by contractors on behalf of customers who are building new homes or remodeling.

Gov Rell recently signed Public Act 05-02 into law following its passage during the current special session of the legislature. The $30 million package in additional heating and weatherization aid provides expanded assistance to low-income households during the winter heating season while encouraging individual home efficiency.

“We must all do our part to conserve our limited energy resources while helping all citizens make it through this expected difficult winter,” said Gov Rell. “This immediate six percent savings in weatherization products is an investment in our future and our children’s future.”

Gov Rell recently directed all state and quasi-public agencies to achieve a ten percent reduction in energy consumption in all buildings owned, leased, or operated during the 2006 calendar year. She added that energy efficiency goals will be part of each state agency budget.

Specifically, Gov Rell instructed agency heads to:

*contact utilities for a :most beneficial rate” analysis and energy efficiency report card;

*develop and adhere to an energy efficiency plan;

*assign designated staff to energy awareness training;

*encourage staff to practice energy efficiency in the workplace;

*consult utility conservation and load management programs prior to the design phase of construction projects and when considering buying or changing energy equipment to assure the most energy-efficient construction practices and equipment;

*purchase clean-fuel, low emission, and/or hybrid-electric vehicles, and energy-efficient products, when feasible.

Consumers or businesses with questions about the sales tax holiday on residential weatherization products may contact the Department of Revenue Services at 800-382-9463 or visit www.ct.gov/DRS.

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