A Successful 31st Year For The LobsterFest

Published: June 14, 2018 at 12:00 am


Twenty-six times, Kim Baxter had attended the Sandy Hook LobsterFest as of June 9. She joined the hundreds of residents piling lobsters, corn, and ribeye on their picnic plates that evening, the second of two nights for the event presented by Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company.

Filling the weekend with aromas of seared steak and buttered corn-on-the-cob, the 31st Annual Sandy Hook LobsterFest again drew huge crowds to the fire company's firehouse on Riverside Road, where guests filled folding tables set up in the firehouse engine bays and under additional tents set up for the occasion.

Behind the firehouse where the weekend's magic took place were fire company members and additional volunteers, churning out the 2,050 lobsters and 750 pounds of ribeye served over the weekend, making the annual fundraising event another success.

Among those working hard to set lobsters - fresh from the steamer pot - onto serving trays were Rich Liska, Andy DeWolfe, Quinn Fontaine, Chris Padula, Steven Stohl, and Jamie Walsh. Firefighters Steven Clark, Rich Conrod and John Will handled lobster cooking duties, and then sent trays of the just-cooked crustaceans to a table, where crews waited to crack claws and slice open tails before sending the entrees out to guests waiting for their dinners. The company's ladies auxiliary members filled the trays of guests as they traveled along the serving line each night.

Offering to pour cold beer were Kyle Degenhardt and Jeff Thomas, among others. A raw bar and desserts were also available for all guests, as were a soda/water station and a full bar. For those who wanted to enjoy dinner at home, take-out dinners were set up from the station's rear bay area.

Midnight Rodeo Band performed on Friday, To The Max performed on Saturday, and John Voket offered acoustic sets to open the stage each night. Enjoying the music were the many guests also taking advantage of the refreshment booth.

The weekend festivities serve as a fundraiser for the fire company.

KB_LobsterFest -- Peruccio WATERMARKED

Eager to get to a table and enjoy her lobster is Abby Peruccio.

-Bee Photos, Bobowick


KB_Lobster fest volunteers cracking lobsters WATERMARKED

Toiling over batches of steaming lobsters fresh from the pot are volunteers, from left, Rich Liska, Quinn Fontaine, Andy DeWolfe (partially hidden), Jamie Walsh, Steven Stohl, and Chris Padula.


KB_Lobster fest Moran & O'Grady WATERMARKED

Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue Ladies Auxiliary members Deb Moran, left, and Christine O'Grady serve lobsters over the weekend to the many guests Friday and Saturday night.


KB_LobsterFest O'Grady & Baxter

Christine O'Grady, left, takes a ticket from Kim Baxter, who was attending her 26th LobsterFest last weekend.


KB_LobsterFest Thomas & Degenhardt WATERMARKED

Firefighters Jeff Thomas, left, and Kyle Degenhardt worked the taps.

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