Car Troubles Continue, Despite Good Intentions

Published: May 09, 2019 at 03:50 pm


To the Editor:

I am sad. I just want to updated about the car [“Car Trouble Puts The Brakes On Delivering Smiles, The Newtown Bee, April 12, 2019]. The owner of Berkshire Motors was so nice to help us fixing the gas pump without any charge. The car did start again. We were so happy and grateful with him because he had a big heart and he spend time in the car repairing this part. God bless him for his good intentions and labor with Daniela’s Little Wish.

Happy to start delivering cakes again?

Unfortunately, the car has a leak issue and all the antifreeze ended on the floor. He was unable to check and help us with this second part because he is super busy and he doesn’t have time to check it. I can understand and I don’t want the car be a burden for him. We get the car back but still parked in our driveway because with this leaking problem is not good to use it.

We don’t know what else to do. Where we can find another “good Samaritan mechanic” with a big heart could help us to finally be able to drive the car and continue delivering custom birthday cakes and big smiles for those kids who deserve everything in life?

Please, please. From the bottom of my heart, help me!

Daniela Delgado, Daniela’s Little Wish Founder

Alpine Drive, Sandy Hook May 9, 2019

Editor’s note: Good Samaritans can reach Daniela through messaging at www.facebook.com/danielaslittlewish.


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