Exercise Your Right To Vote

Published: November 01, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

Next Tuesday voters in Newtown will exercise rights enjoyed by a minority of people on this planet, a free and fair election for the offices of first selectman and selectman.

I am voting for Will Rodgers for first selectman and Jeff Capeci for selectman. I have know Will and Jeff for 20 or more years. Both of them are talented, honest, and patient, and will listen to the citizens of Newtown. Will is seeking to "move up" from his current role as selectman to the top position. They will continue the remarkable effective and open leadership which we have enjoyed under Pat Llodra.

I urge all voters, whether affiliated with a party or unaffiliated, to vote for Will Rodgers and Jeff Capeci on November 7.

Very truly yours,
Robert H. Hall
5 Nettleton Avenue, Newtown         October 31, 2017

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