Glenna Orr Visits St Rose School

Published: October 10, 2013 at 12:00 am


St Rose of Lima School students were visited by author Glenna C. Orr on Tuesday, September 24.

Ms Orr is also a reading specialist who has two masters degrees and has taught school in five states and in the Department of Defense school system in Germany, according to a biography. She serves as a board member for the Reading is Fundamental group of Northern Virginia. She is also the director of Kind Kids, Inc, a nonprofit organization based out of Arlington, Va., that focuses on instilling volunteerism in community activities while promoting reading for kids. Ms Orr’s books all promote the Kind Kids focus on community volunteerism.

During her presentation with the students at St Rose, Ms Orr asked the gathered students what they think volunteering is.

After a few answers, one boy said, “To do something out of the kindness of your heart for no money.”

Ms Orr repeated the answer a number of times to remind the students what volunteering means. She then asked the students what they do in their families as volunteers. The answers ranged from helping a grandfather feed his chickens to helping a mother retrieve the family mail.

Ms Orr told the students the story of how her organization, Kind Kids, all began when she was a teacher in Germany 26 years ago. Ms Orr said she started an “adopt a grandparent” program for her students to meet and read with an elderly person each week.

“And we just had so much fun,” said Ms Orr.

Her book Open Minds, Open Hearts tells a story inspired by her experiences. She has also authored other books and was a recipient of a Mom’s Choice Award.

Further information about Kind Kids and Ms Orr is available at

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