Newtown Continuing Education Classes Available

Published: November 18, 2017 at 12:00 am


Newtown Continuing Education
Newtown Continuing Education
Newtown Continuing Education announced it has limited openings available in the following classes. Contact Newtown Continuing Education at 203-426-1787, 9 am to 1 pm, Monday through Friday, for further information on dates, times, and location, or visit

Excel Refresher, Formulas and Functions - A single session class on Thursday, December 7, $39. This one-night class will provide a thorough review of using formulas and functions in Microsoft Excel. Formulas and functions are at the heart of using Excel to do calculations and to manipulate the contents of your spreadsheets. The course will help improve upon Excel skills or brush up on some features that may not have been used for a while. Some prior experience with Excel is recommended.

Hatha Yoga - An eight-session class, starting Monday, December 11, $79. This session offers a variety of postures suitable for both beginner and experienced students. Students should bring a yoga mat and towel. Yoga blocks are optional.

Reiki I, II, III - A three-session class being offered on Monday, December 11, Tuesday, December 12, and Wednesday, December 13, $99. The class is designed for those interested in becoming a Level I, II, and III practitioner. Learn the ancient Japanese healing art of Reiki, which promotes health and well-being for the mind, body, and spirit. Learn how Reiki helps with deep relaxation, pain management, and balancing of the body's energy centers (chakras). Reiki is becoming a growing complement to traditional Western medicine and is used in many hospitals and cancer centers. Students will practice giving treatments to each other on the second night of class and receive a Reiki Certificate I and II and attunement. On the third night of class, the students will work with crystals and learn how the crystal's energy assists with healing. During the third class the students will receive a Reiki III (ART) Certificate and attunement. There is a $10 materials fee payable to the instructor the first night of class. Note: People who take the class for Reiki III must hold a Reiki I and II certificate.

Backup Strategies - A one-class course being offered Thursday, December 14, $39. Students will learn how to back up irreplaceable computer data, how to not risk losing precious information, and what causes data loss, what to back up, and the most efficient ways to back up information.

Integral Qigong And Tai Chi - An eight-class course, starting January 2, 6:30 to 7:30 pm, $104. Qigong, and later tai chi, were developed and refined over thousands of years with the exact purpose of mindful evolution of body, mind, and spirit. Experience and learn easy to follow qigong and tai chi movements and techniques to develop a personal practice for health and well-being. Prepare to be relaxed and rejuvenated. Attendees should wear comfortable clothing.

Belly Dancing - A six-session class, starting on Tuesday, January 23, $69. Students will strengthen their core and sculpt their trunk, arms, and legs while learning the basics of Middle-Eastern belly dance. Basic choreography along with Pop music and traditional Middle-Eastern music will have them dancing away the calories. Beautiful hip scarves will be provided. Students should wear workout clothes

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