Protecting Open Space And Our Aquifers

Published: December 26, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

Keeping a large part of Cherry Grove Farm in existence not only would maintain the rural character of our town, but of more importance, like each parcel of preserved open space, it would protect aquifers, our source of drinking water. Aquifers are the cracks in the bedrock and gravelly spaces under the earth's surface. Whereas, people used to have good drinking water with shallow wells, now wells need to be dug deeper and deeper. Everywhere nature doesn't have impervious surfaces like houses, paved driveways, roads, and swimming pools is an area where she can restore water that doesn't run quickly down to the sea.

Every small donation helps. Every tree helps to preserve clean air and clean water. You can help too. [Visit newtownforestassociation.org to donate].

Patricia Barkman, PhD
49 Taunton Lake Road, Newtown         December 26, 2017

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