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Storm Crisis Averted

Published: July 18, 2018 at 12:00 am


While days of heavy humidity and high temperatures led to most residents wanting some rain, no one wanted a repeat of the tornado/macroburst that blew through the area two months ago.

When the skies darkened late Tuesday afternoon, after hours of notices from the National Weather Service that warned of approaching thunderstorms, many braced for the worst.

Fortunately, a pair of rain storms - one that rolled through the center of town just before 2, and then another that arrived about 90 minutes later and brought precipitation across town - were relatively calm. Rains came twice, and thunder rumbled for few hours during the latter rain storm, but Newtown was not hit with anything like the weather that crippled the town during the late afternoon of May 15.

According to readings from the Sandy Hook-Rocky Glen Wundermap weather station, a high temperature of 89.2 degrees was recorded for July 17, while the low was 70.2 degrees. The Queen Street Wundermap station registered 88 and 68.4 for the day's highs and lows. Less than an inch of rain accumulation was reported.

Best of all, residents awoke Wednesday morning to more seasonal temperatures and predictions of lesser humidity.


SH_pre storm over Newtown Pizza Palace WATERMARKED

Skies darkened dramatically just before 3 pm Tuesday, July 17, and the winds picked up, as evidenced by the flag in front of Newtown Pizza Palace on Church Hill Road.

-Bee Photos, Hicks


SH_pre storm over Sandy Hook Center & Foundry WATERMARKED

Vehicles in front of Foundry Kitchen & Tavern on Glen Road wait for a green light Tuesday afternoon as heavy clouds gathered overhead. Fortunately, while the sky looked very threatening for a while, Newtown received less than an inch of rain on July 17.

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