Vote Clure For First Selectman

Published: November 01, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

We met Andy Clure and his family shortly after the tragedy in Sandy Hook when he opened the "free play" Sandy Hook Arcade to help the children through a difficult time.

True to his character, Andy has been very involved for the benefit of Newtown and its families. He has volunteered his time for the Board of Education, the Edmond Town Hall, the community center project, and other ongoing town events. He has the professional business background of handling multimillion-dollar budgeted projects in marketing and advertising. This is a valuable skill set to have when promoting our town in the future.

Not everyone has the time nor the desire to participate in local issues, but Andy is set on making Newtown better for all of us. Many of you may not have heard of Andy Clure - but please consider him for your vote for first selectman. He is fiscally conservative, generous, honest, and a hardworking soul to the core.

Please vote Andy Clure for first selectman this Election Day.

Robert and Karen Craybas
26 Diamond Drive, Newtown         November 1, 2017

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