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Continue To Invest In Newtown’s Schools



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To the Editor:

After careful review and deliberation, the Board of Finance and Legislative Council have approved the town and school budgets that will be voted on during the April 23 referendum.

Both the town and school budgets include modest increases reflecting contractual salary increase obligations and increasing health insurance costs for employees. The Board of Education budget reflects investment in updated curriculum, which includes materials and supplies and professional development for teachers who are implementing the new material. The budget maintains a focus on supporting students with manageable class sizes, support and intervention resources along with resources to manage student behaviors and absenteeism (both have increased dramatically nationally in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic).

Continuing to invest in the Newtown Schools means we will continue to be a community of choice for those looking to make Newtown their home. Please join me by voting YES for the Newtown referendum on April 23rd.

Thank you,

Brian Hartgraves


A letter from Brian Hartgraves.
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  1. qstorm says:

    An investment is done with a hope for a return. The operative term here is ‘hope’.

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