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Student Art Lines The Walls Of Newtown's Schools



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Student Art Lines The Walls Of Newtown’s Schools

By Eliza Hallabeck

Four schools in Newtown have celebrated with art shows and special one-night exhibits of students’ art.

At Hawley Elementary School a year’s worth of art spilled into the school’s library on Wednesday, May 6. At Sandy Hook School on Thursday, May 7, arrows pointed visitors around the school to view more art. At Head O’ Meadow on Monday, May 11, a brochure waited to describe what visitors could expect in Gallery 2009. And St Rose of Lima School held a Media And Arts Festival on Thursday May 7.

Medieval castles constructed by fourth grade students at Hawley School were displayed in the school’s library, waiting for visitors to enjoy for this year’s art show.

“She outdoes herself every year,” said Hawley School Principal Jo-Ann Peters about art teacher Vicki Sheskin. 

Ms Sheskin said she had help from parent volunteers to hang the work, and co-chairs for the project Beckett Kohl-Condon and Kimber Carpenter were the biggest help.

“It’s just so nice,” said Ms Sheskin about the night. She added that she enjoys have Hawley Alumni come back to enjoy the night.

The artwork at Hawley will remain on view until around Memorial Day.

“This year has been wonderful,” said Sandy Hook School art teacher Lesley Gunn on Thursday, May 7, during the opening for the school’s art show. “It’s been so productive.”

Clay animals sat on the tops of the tables in the art room for visitors to enjoy, and the hallways of the school had been turned into an art museum for the night, including arrows for guides.

Over 1,200 art pieces were on display during Sandy Hook’s art show, and, Ms Gunn said, the work could not have been displayed without help from parent volunteer Julia Provee.

On the same night St Rose School had art hanging from the ceiling that had been created by students with the number 50 on them to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary. According to art teacher Sam Kohler, the curriculum at the school also focused on art work created over the last 50 years. All of the art in the show had been created by students since January.

“This has some music and media in it as well,” said Ms Kohler about the night. Each grade at the school, from kindergarten to eighth grade, was represented in the show.

“I like to paint and draw,” said St Rose second grader Kristen Cirone, pointing out a picture of a fish in a fish bowl she created.

Sunflowers inspired by artist Vincent Van Gogh and created by first grade students were on display along with Pop Art creations from the fourth grade at Head O’Meadow on May 11. The outside hallway surrounding the library at Head O’ Meadow was filled with visitors enjoying the student’s work from the year.

Art teacher Donna Perugini said would not have been possible without the students, parent volunteers and Principal of Head O’ Meadow William Bircher.

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