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To the Editor:

Connecticut is at a tipping point financially and economically. Decades of mismanagement have left the state on a crumbling foundation. Reckless spending and irresponsible practices have chased businesses and well-paying jobs from our state. In a state so dependent on the income tax, replacing lost jobs with ones that on average pay $30K less is unsustainable.

As a millennial Newtown resident who recently moved into my first home with my wife, we are focused on the long game. What will Connecticut be in 10, 20, or 30 years? What will Newtown be? What will that mean for her business, my career, or cost of living?

We need elected officials in Hartford like Representative Mitch Bolinsky, people grounded in common sense who have a long term vision of growth, taking the responsible approach, as opposed to more short-sighted politicians who seem to only look to the next election. Rep Bolinsky has stood strong on fiscal reforms to make sure our state lives within its means, just as we Newtown families do. He has advocated a transportation lock box so funding for our roads is not raided. He has supported business initiatives to grow our economy and attract well paying jobs so people can afford to live here rather than tread water and live paycheck-to-paycheck.

Mitch understands there are families in our community who are struggling to just tread water, let alone get ahead. He is a tireless worker and strong advocate for the residents of Newtown, and we are fortunate to have him in Hartford.

November 6th, please join me in supporting Representative Mitch Bolinsky’s reelection. Our state needs Mitch in Hartford.

Thank you,

Matt Mihalcik

93 Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook         September 11, 2018

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