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A Wholehearted Endorsement



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To the Editor:

Virtually everyone reading this opinion letter has deep concerns regarding the discourse, trust, and governmental responsibilities in the USA and in our own Connecticut. I know that I am one individual that feels agitation associated with leaving our “sacred place” in better shape than we found it. Connecticut is a very special state within a very special nation.

As a backdrop to my opinion, I want to wholeheartedly endorse Mitch Bolinsky for re-reelection to the Connecticut State Legislature. As a devoted family man, Mitch also feels deep concern for the future of Connecticut. His own children are the best testimony of his love Connecticut, simply because he continually inspires a deep patriotism to the fiber of their character. I know that to be true because I met Mitch in my capacity as a teacher to his son and daughter in middle school, years ago. Both children are deeply committed to making this state a better place in the example of their dad.

Of course, Mitch is competent way beyond the bell curve of lawmaking, leadership, and mastery of issues facing local and state constituencies. He is incredibly approachable to the average person like me and will take generous time to engage in controversial issues. He is actively empathetic to individual concerns close to home. His is literally a “backyard” neighbor with a gifted way of solving complex problems. Meet him for yourself, and my opinion letter may be totally confirmed in an instant.

First and foremost, I will vote. I encourage everyone to vote. If you decide to vote for Mitch Bolinsky, and if this letter influenced you in any way, then I will feel very proud by the small effort of endorsing a wonderful person and public servant for such an important position.

Donald H. Ramsey

3 Prospect Drive, Newtown         October 9, 2018

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