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Re-Elect Mitch Bolinsky



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To the Editor:

I am writing to declare my support for the re-election of Mitch Bolinsky as our Connecticut State Representative, and most important, to encourage other Newtown voters to do the same. Mitch has served in the Representative role for three terms, seeking now his fourth election to that office. In six years as a representative, Mitch has become a strong force at the legislative level. He is known to his colleagues in Hartford as a voice for moderation, a champion for the needs of the elderly, an advocate for families and youth, and a steadfast supporter for equity in school funding. And Mitch is a resolute spokesperson for caution in state-level spending and debt.

Many in Newtown have had the experience of calling on Mitch for help with local, personal, or business issues and concerns. Unfailingly, Mitch responds to those calls. His constituent service is of the highest quality. He is dependable, honest, and available to serve our needs. And Mitch knows how to get the job done in Hartford. His tenure and experience as our representative have earned Mitch needed leverage and position as a state legislator. Mitch Bolinsky has served us well and will continue to do so. Let’s send Mitch back to Hartford. It is the right and best thing to do for our community.

Pat Llodra

90 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook         October 15, 2018

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