• ‘Out Of The Woods’: Kelley Roy Gallery Hosting Third Summer-Long Contemporary Fine Arts Exhibition

    Walking into the home of Susan Kelly and Bill Roy, one is immediately struck by a sense of contemporary design. Walls throughout the home have been painted white, former wooden railings have been replaced by panes of glass topped with aluminum rails, and an extremely high ceiling in the main room adds to the feeling of openness that one also experiences upon entering. An Heriberto Mora oil on canvas dominates the western wall of the room, its pastel colors creating a massive labyrinth in the lower three-quarters of the work. The upper portion of “Blind Flight” fades into the canvas. The effect of what Ms Kelley calls “an infinite horizon” is increased by the white wall upon which the 2010 work has been hung. On the opposite wall, an equally large Robert Freeman painting stares back, its bold colors a stark contrast to the Mora piece. The public will have an opportunity to see these and other contemporary works of art during the summer exhibition "Out of The Woods."

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  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.

  • The Way We Were

    A look back at Newtown 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago.

  • Sudden Storm Soaks Season’s First Farmers Market

    With the excited words, “It’s here,” and “The 2015 Farmers Market opening day today,” the Farmers Market on the Fairfield Hills’ Facebook page beckoned to guests on Tuesday, June 23. “Come on down,” the post stated. The organic produce and local farm and merchant venue first started as the Sandy Hook Organic Farmers Market in 2003. This year the market resumed its most recent location of the last few years in Fairfield Hills, just past the main entrance. Despite the webpage’s eager appeal, the first day quickly turned from overcast to a rife but torrential storm around 4:15 pm, chasing guests and vendors home.d.

  • Newtown Car Show And Kindness Dream Ride Revs Up Food Donations

    The Newtown High School parking lot was swarming with police officers and people as exotic cars and Newtown elementary school students and their parents lined up for the Newtown Car Show and first Kindness Dream Ride on Saturday, June 20. The first Newtown Car Show was organized five years ago by Rich Marcuccio, the store manager at the Newtown Stop & Shop. The event was started as a way to raise money for the FAITH Food Pantry. Two years ago, Chris Sferruzzo became a co-organizer and the event has grown in the past years, according to Mr Sferruzzo. “It’s so big now,” said Mr Sferruzzo. “Initially it was just to benefit the Newtown Food Pantry. But now we have pallets of food being delivered to food pantries in Beacon Falls, Monroe, and Oxford as well as Newtown Social Services and the FAITH Food Pantry.” Despite the rain and the scaled-back schedule, Mr Sferruzzo estimates that more than $40,000 in food and donations was raised. Though the Car Show is in its fifth year, this year marked the first Kindness Dream Ride, which Mr Sferruzzo said is a celebration for the kids and a way to incorporate more community involvement.

  • Summer Jam Moves Indoors, And Doesn’t Miss A Note

    While the threat of an early summer storm moved the Summer Jam Concert Series opener to an indoor venue this week, the enthusiasm of children and adults like filled the gym at Hawley School with enough happy energy that the last-minute change of plans was quickly overcome. Vanessa Trien and The Jumping Monkeys opened this year’s season of free concerts on June 23, and a few hundred people crowded into the Church Hill Road location to enjoy the show. Children spun, twirled, giggled, laughed and danced their way through this song and every other one that made up the approximately 75-minute show. Ms Trien was joined by her band: Paul Kochanski, Dave Jamrog and Adam Rothberg. The free concerts will be offered weekly through August 4. They are for all ages, with a special focus on children age 10 and under.

  • Summer Activities Available In And Near Newtown

    Summer days may be long, but there is no shortage of activities in and near Newtown, from hiking to biking to horseback riding to swimming. A few Newtowners offered their own recommendations for summer outings, from horseback riding and hiking to bicycling, swimming and kayaking.

  • Well Attended Rockin’ The 'Ville A Success

    As the Rockin’ The ‘Ville event was underway at the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire & Rescue on Saturday, June 13, Jami Zapata, a firefighter engineer and Hawleyville’s organizer for the occasion, was busy making her way between setting up different areas of activity. “People were extremely generous with their donations,” said Ms Zapata, who also said a large committee with the Stony Hill Four Corners Business Association (SH4C) worked tirelessly to make the event possible. Presented by the business association, all proceeds from the event went to benefit the Hawleyville Volunteer Fire Company.

  • Lisa Unleashed: Trail Riding During Mad Dash At Fairfield Hills

    Last time I rode on the grounds of Fairfield Hills it was the late 1990s for the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard Judged Pleasure Ride. This annual event has obstacles to tackle, things to pull, gates to open and executing some pretty scary stuff that you’ve probably never done on your horse before that day. Aside from the Mylar balloons that thwarted our team’s chances at glory that year (we came in second) its challenges are nothing compared to what I encountered on June 13, trail riding.