• Antique Salt Shaker Collection At Library

    Bea Morgan has devoted a lifetime to accumulating and selling glass salt shakers, resulting in a collection of between 400 and 500 salt shakers. Through the end of the year, Ms Morgan is sharing a small portion of that collection with Newtown residents. Fifty of her vintage glass shakers, some close to 150 years old, are on exhibit at the C.H. Booth Library, in the glass case located near the Large Print room.“I started collecting [glass shakers] in 1968. I’m not sure why. I was just attracted to them. I went to an auction and bought a salt shaker collection of about 25 pieces,” Ms Morgan said, using the Peterson Salt Shaker Book, “the bible of shaker collectors,” to guide her selections.

  • 2016 Relay For Life Kickoff At NYA November 19

    A very enthusiastic core committee of volunteers and a new event partner are getting off to an early start promoting the excitement of Newtown’s annual Relay For Life. The 2016 event is not only taking place a bit earlier next year, it has reverted to an overnight celebration and is returning to Fairfield Hills in partnership with NYA Sport & Fitness. The new partnership is also elevating the Relay’s potential for supporting cancer prevention by co-promoting health and fitness boosting benefits that can come with NYA memberships. Community members, and especially those looking to honor or remember loved ones who lost the fight, their caregivers, or current and long-term survivors are encouraged to attend the official Relay kickoff Thursday, November 19, from 6 to 8 pm, at NYA in the Fairfield Hills campus.

  • With ‘The Great Danbury State Fair,' Newtown Author Resurrects Fair Memories

    “The history of the Great Danbury State Fair is so long and takes so many unexpected turns that writing about it was like tracking a lightning bug at dusk,” writes Newtown author Andrea Zimmermann in the introduction to her recently published book, "The Great Danbury Fair." The book is now available through a number of outlets, and Ms Zimmermann will present a talk and book signing at C.H. Booth Library on Sunday, November 22, at 2 pm, discussing her nearly year-long odyssey to capture within 156 pages the excitement and history of an era when ten days each autumn ruled the area.

  • Hiss Golden Messenger Wrapping Up ETH Concert Series

    Newtown resident Hayden Bates has, aince June 2011, almost single-handedly produced a series of boutique concerts in the Edmond Town Hall Theatre bringing some of the more eclectic gems sparkling on the new music scene to town. But as they say, all good things come to an end. Bates has decided to move on to other projects -- at least for now - -but not before he reels one more intensely talented acts into Edmond Town Hall for a November 20 series closer.

  • Members Of 1965 NHS Football Team Honored

    Players who got it all started a half century ago were back on the Newtown High School football field on November 6. Members of the 1965 Newtown High team, the first to play organized football to begin the current 11-on-11 era of the game, received applause from fans at Blue & Gold Stadium prior to the game between the current Newtown gridders and New Milford. Newtown High School Athletic Director Gregg Simon organized the event and scheduled the ceremony to tie in with the Newtown-New Milford games since that was the first matchup Newtown High played back in 1965.

  • Snapshot: Matt Taylor

    A weekly profile of a local person.

  • The Top of the Mountain

    Newtown, from a cat's point of view.

  • Growing A Shrinking Life: Now That You’ve Grown Up, What Do You Want To Be?

    Where do we go from here? It is a question that arises when middle age takes a turn toward “maturity.” It could be a death, a change of residence, a joining of two homes, or the flight of the last child from the nest that initiates the urge to reconsider what is truly important. Suddenly, the wealth of things accumulated seems oppressive. Clothing, furniture, tools, and knickknacks no longer bring the pleasure they once did. And like an itch that needs to be scratched, this desire to be rid of possessions takes hold. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of books, blogs, and websites offer suggestions on how best to begin this process. Some recommend starting on a small scale: a drawer; one item a day; or items not used in the last 12 months. Others prefer a large-scale effort that might involve a time commitment, and perhaps, a dumpster.

  • The Way We Were

    A look back at Newtown 25, 50, 75, and 100 years ago.

  • Lisa Unleashed: Horses Parading Around — Including American Pharoah

    Horses and parades go together like peanut butter and jelly! This partnership began millennia ago when horses were paraded around to celebrate battle victories. More recently, the Horse Guard Parade, those beautiful black horses of the British monarchy stabled at the Royal Mews in London, codified the daily practice of ceremonial parades in 1745. There is even a type of horse in America called the Parade Horse. This breed is used in a sport that celebrates the Southwestern tradition where stylishly dressed ranch owners would ride into town on their high-stepping horses in saddles dripping with silver.