• Country Star McCreery Wants Fan Birthday Gifts Sent To 12.14 Foundation

    On the occasion of his 21st birthday October 9, Country Music and American Idol star Scotty McCreery is hoping to raise a lot of support for Newtown's 12.14 Foundation. In an exclusive interview with The Newtown Bee, McCreery said he will be asking fans and followers to forego sending him any kind of birthday gifts. Instead he's asking that donations be made to the 12.14 Foundation, which was established in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy and has enlisted the talented artist as its National Goodwill Ambassador. McCreery will also be performing at a VIP reception before his December 4 headline appearance at Wallingford's Oakdale Theatre.

  • Police Offer Tots Halloween Safety Tips

    Although they are tots and will be making their trick-or-treat rounds on Halloween with their parents present, police are impressing upon the small children who attend The Children’s Adventure Center the importance of Halloween safety. On Friday, September 26, police Sergeant David Kullgren spoke to the members of two classes at the school, informing them about Halloween do’s and don’ts, with the aim of the children having a safe Halloween. The sergeant spoke, while either seated on a chair or standing, with the children sitting on the floor in a circle. The tots’ teachers watched as the policeman clearly explained Halloween safety.

  • Furniture From The Woods

    For some people, a stump is just a stump. But to Will Korth, a stump is nature waiting to be turned into furniture. A partner in Korth & Shannahan, Inc contractor services out of Westchester County, Mr Korth has found a creative outlet in his Newtown Tree Craft business, making coffee tables, end tables, and fire stools from recovered wood. While he has been creating pieces for some time, Mr Korth is preparing for the first public viewing of his work, to take place October 11-12 in Warren.

  • Saying ‘Thank You’ With Water Skis:LOF Ski Club Hosts Free Day For Local Children

    With summer nearly at its end Sunday, September 21, the Leaps of Faith (LOF) Adaptive Skiers made the most of a local marina. As a way of saying thank you to the community, the LOF volunteers held a first-time event, Ski Newtown, a free day of water sports for Newtown children.As a way of saying thank you to the community, the LOF volunteers held a first-time event, Ski Newtown, a free day of water sports for Newtown children ages 7–18. The picnic/ski event took place at Eichler’s Cove Marina. According to the LOF Facebook page, “This event was designed to teach beginners how to water ski or wakeboard and help intermediate skiers/boarders advance to the next level. The organization also thanked the Newtown community for being “incredibly supportive of our efforts this year, so we wanted to host an event that was open to all Newtown families with kids.” The event’s Facebook page offered “special thanks to our amazing volunteers and to Newtown Parks & Recreation Director Amy Mangold,” who granted use of Eichler’s Cove, a town-owned marina, beach, and boat launch.

  • Gazebo A Link To Newtown’s Past

    When lifelong Newtown resident Ed Forbell read the August 1, 2014, story “A Final Farewell To Fredericka House” in The Newtown Bee, he knew that a relic still remained of the historic Church Hill Road home. Built around 1810 by a member of the Sanford family, the house at 92 Church Hill Road was given to Elizabeth C. Sanford by her brother, David, in 1842, when she married Edmond Trowbridge Hastings Gibson, a New York broker. While the Fredericka House is long gone, Mr Forbell in September shared a secret with The Newtown Bee: the gazebo that had graced the property at 92 Church Hill Road still exists, and has been lovingly restored by its current owners.

  • Nourishments: Whether Getting Pickled Or Pickling, Vinegar Is The Star

    It sounds like the start of a joke: A woman walks into the store, and orders a shrub. Except the woman is me, and I’m not in a garden center, but a fairly upscale pizza place in Seattle, Washington. The shrub I have ordered is something that you’re probably beginning to see on menus, although it was a popular drink in Colonial times. Also known as a vinegar drink, these trendy thirst quenchers are made up of a sweetened vinegar base and fresh fruit. Adding alcohol is optional.

  • Banned Books Week Is Annual Event; Freedom To Read Is Year-Round

    “Think for yourself, and let others do the same,” exhorts the American Library Association poster for the 2014 Banned Books Week. Even though the annual Banned Book Week, September 21–27, is over this year, protecting every person’s freedom to read what he or she prefers is a year around job for librarians. Recent displays of books that have been banned somewhere, at some time, and set up on the main floor and in the young adult sections of the library last week served as great conversation starters, said the librarians at C.H. Booth Library.

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