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Adopt From The Animal Center

The following kittens/cats are up for adoption through The Animal Center:

TIGER came out of the woods one day, begging for something to eat in a residential neighborhood. She would hang out in the bushes near the driveway, waiting to be fed. Fortunately for Tiger, she had stumbled upon a home that cared. Not only did the family get Tiger to the vet for vaccines and spaying, but they’ve also managed a total personality makeover. Once skittish and wary, Tiger is a loving, quirky kitty. She is a sweet and affectionate lap cat but needs a caregiver who can be sensitive to her boundaries. Tiger is missing a tail (the vet said she may have been born without one or may have been hit by a car when very young), but she makes up for it with personality. Tiger is approximately 5 years old, spayed, healthy and current on vaccines.  

CHABLIS is a soft, gentle and sweet domestic short haired female kitty. She is named after the cool, crisp and steely chablis chardonnay wine. Chablis is approximately 1-2 years old, spayed, healthy and current on vaccines

JINXY is a playful, sweet and curious 6-month-old kitten. She loves to rub her face on people and to lay in laps and purr. Jinxy enjoys playing with toys and gets along with other cats and dogs. Jinxy is a little shy with new people at first. She is spayed, healthy and current on vaccines.

SUZETTE is a sweet, affectionate and friendly 5-year-old, female Maine Coon mix lap cat in need of a loving home. Suzette was abandoned while pregnant and gave birth within a week of going to The Animal Center. Now that all of her kittens have been adopted, Suzette needs a home to call her own. She is spayed, current on vaccines and healthy.

To adopt, or to view all of The Animal Center’s cats/kittens for adoption, visit www.theanimalcenter.org or contact The Animal Center at 270-0228 or info@theanimalcenter.org (email preferred). The Animal Center is a Newtown-based, non-profit animal welfare charity that rescues, rehabilitates and places the community’s abandoned, neglected and injured kittens into loving homes. The Animal Center not only partners with the community, but also with other rescue groups and veterinary offices to save cats that might otherwise be euthanized. The Animal Center is a 501 (c)3 publicly-supported charity, will help more than 200 cats this year and relies heavily on the support of the public and generous volunteers.

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