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Time For A Fairfield Hills Audit



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Time For A Fairfield Hills Audit

To the Editor:

I recently received by e-mail, a chronological status report on the [Litchfield House] project.

It simply amazes me of the incompetence on the part of O&G Industries, Fred Hurley, and the Public Building and Site Committee. How did a project that should have cost $600,000 escalate to over a million dollars, and counting?

Well, it is still the same old players involved: O&G, TRC Environmental, and Russell Bartley, continuing to cost the taxpayers a lot of extra money, with no questions asked. It’s time to change course. Every, and I mean every, project is over budget. Over time there have been requests for an audit of all FFH money, only to be denied by the present and past two administrations. The question is, what are you hiding?

At this time, I believe it is time for a full audit of Fairfield Hills, and the Fairfield Hills Authority.

Frederick Moran

Botsford                                                                    February 2, 2011

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