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Theater Review: ‘Snapshots’ A Win-Win For ACT-CT And Its Audiences



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RIDGEFIELD — ACT of CT has produced a win-win performance of Stephen Schwartz’s Snapshots: A Musical Scrapbook, with book by David Stern. This is an authentic theater experience for audiences, streamed right into their homes, as well as another gold star to ACT for a creative success.

Snapshots is the story of Dan and Susan, a couple who have been together so long, their spark has dimmed due to lack of oxygen. Susan (played by Mariand Torres) is in her attic, a place filled with memories. She is nostalgic yet determined to leave her stale and disconnected marriage.

Dan (Ryan K. Bailer) finds her there and is completely blindsided by Sue’s decision. For her, this is simply further evidence of how far apart they have grown. Her bag is packed.

Yet in this musty old room, their past comes alive. As they rediscover themselves over and over, unearthing their shared history, their younger selves appear, played by John Cardoza, Olivia Hernandez, Monica Ramirez, and Michael McCorry Rose.

From the moment Sue first laid eyes on Dan, sometime around middle school, she knew this goofy young kid was her guy. They took the scenic route to finding they were meant for each other. Once settled in for the long run, they lost touch and drifted apart.

Determined to hang onto her, Dan repeatedly tries and fails to persuade Sue to stay, attempting to convince her that what she really wants is right in front of her and that he can be the man, and friend, she needs. Their young counterparts root for them as they sing their hearts out.

Drawing from a rich score compiled from Stephen Schwartz’s vast and spectacular body of work, the ACT cast displays magnificent vocal skills. Music supervisor Bryan Perri brings his considerable talents to enhance the incredible vocals as the cast sings their way down Broadway’s memory lane.

Producer/director Daniel C. Levine has fully and successfully dedicated himself to this new medium, creating a performance that feels very live indeed. Cinematographer Barton Cortright uses his skills to perfection, creating a seamless flow of the action. The small set is well designed and utilized in the staging.

The entire cast sings like meadowlarks. Simply sumptuous voices fill the attic as Susan and Dan unravel their story. Audiences are sharing a lovely night at the theater, in the comfort of their own homes.

The ACT of CT production of Snapshots is available to stream on demand through February 28. Tickets start at $20; visit actofct.org to learn more and purchase tickets. Ticket holders have 48 hours to watch the production as many times as they like.

Snapshots is the story of Dan (Ryan K. Bailer) and Sue (Mariand Torres), a couple who have been together so long, their spark has dimmed. Four additional actors play the couple during earlier stages of their lives in the current production at ACT of CT. —ACT of CT photo
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