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Ready, Set, Read!

To the Editor:

Chances are, at some point Monday someone here in Newtown offered you the gift of a very special book. The name of the book is April Morning, the Revolutionary War story a young man’s baptism by fire during the bloody battle of Lexington, written by Howard Fast. This pleasant surprise might have taken place in a variety of places including the Drug Center, Lexington Gardens, Dunkin’ Donuts, Newtown Health and Fitness, Curves, Starbucks, the General Store, Bagelman, or at Karen’s Fitness. Wherever the location, this week marks the start of something very special that is going on in our town called Newtown Reads.

Newtown Reads invites the entire town to read the same book at the same time. Everyone, young, and old, is encouraged to join in the fun of reading April Morning, wearing the pin, then attending the activities and book discussions to express your opinion.

The project is just days old, but we’re off to a great start. Already, great conversation and enthusiasm has been generated. A very special thanks to Phil Keane for designing the Newtown Reads pins that all of Newtown will soon be wearing on their coat lapels and also to Kathy Beals for designing and maintaining our website at www.biblio.org/NewtownReads as well as snapping some great pictures catching some of our favorite Newtowners in the act of reading April Morning.

As for the strong corps of over 50 very special volunteers who helped process the books and then braved the cold to pass them out to friends and neighbors, you are the reason we all say it’s nicer in Newtown. Thank you Pat Babbage, Kelley Bailey, Don Bates, Tanya Capeci, Beverly Clark, Katie Rose Crevier, Nancy Crevier, Pat Denlinger, Fran Denniger, Bonnie DiDomizio, Cathy Harmonay, Denise Kaiser, Margareta Kotch, Philip Kotch, Joanne Keane, Heidi Kruger, Ellen Kunst, Brandon Leon-Gambetta, Linda Lubinsky, Maggie Mahoney, Mary Maki, Mandy Monaco, Joan Nash, Mary Grace Ober, Erin O’Dell, Sally O’Neil, Margey Pfieffer, Evan Pitkoff, Marilyn Place, Michelle Rastelli, John Reed, Gloria Ricco, Pam Rist, Susan Ruddock, Jenna Ruddock, Joan Salbu, Kristene Salbu, Sarah Salbu, Becky Sampson, Laura Schroeder, Karla Spencer, Paula Stephan, Julie Stern, Peter Stern, Corey Stokes, Elisa VanBuskirk, Marie Walker, Lindsay Weber, Gordon Williams, Lina Williams, Laurie Wrabel, Joanne Zang, and Lisen Zaruba. Also thanks to the above businesses who graciously allowed us to use their storefronts. You are all wonderful!

And now, let the reading begin!


Janet Woycik

Chairman of Newtown Reads

36 Grand Place, Newtown                                            March 5, 2003

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