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Former Resident Named To OPM Posts



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Former Resident Named To OPM Posts

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Dan G. Blair, acting director of the US Office of Personnel Management, announced that former Newtown resident Robert F. Danbeck would be the associate director of the OPM’s Division of Management Services and the agency’s new chief human capital officer.

“Bob Danbeck brings more than two decades of human resources experience to the table,” Mr Blair said. “He has excellent qualifications which accompany a diverse and extensive record of accomplishment while working in private industry.”

Mr Danbeck’s most recent position prior to joining the federal workforce was as vice president of human resources for IBM India Ltd. As part of IBM India’s transition from a joint venture with a local Indian firm, Mr Danbeck was charged with implementing the full range of worldwide IBM human resources policies and programs, including management development and retention programs. He had previous experience with IBM in China, where he led a multifunction human resources team and orchestrated the successful transition from a US operating team to local national management.

Before going to China, Mr Danbeck and his family lived in Newtown for 17 years, where all of his children attended the local schools.

“Bob has led full-scale HR and organizational development initiatives and successfully managed projects requiring cost-effective and innovative solutions,” Mr Blair said. “This move is a natural progression for Bob and the skills he brings, which will serve to strengthen not only the OPM but the entire federal government.”

Consolidated under the new Management Services Division will be information services and chief information officers; contracting, facilities, and administrative services; security and emergency actions; human capital management services; and equal employment opportunity.

As the OPM’s chief human capital officer, Mr Danbeck will be accountable for the strategic alignment of the agency’s workforce to its mission, and will be given the responsibility of maintaining and effectively directing human resources management policies and programs.  

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