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Hanging By A Thread



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Hanging By A Thread

To the Editor:

Well, it’s another budget season and it’s time to, yet again, hack away at the educational system in Newtown. What new and inventive ways will be decided by the town government on how we can spend nothing on our schools and expect our children to learn? Can’t wait to hear the final results of how much nothing we can expect! I believe our town credo, “All Children Can and Will Learn Well” needs to be changed to “Most Children May Most Likely Not Learn Well.”

If President Obama is willing to spend trillions, gazillions, megabillions in the name of energy independence, infrastructure rebuilding, and education in the US, then why is Newtown turning its back on education? Has the town not listened to the priorities of our President? We need to be spending on education so our children can thrive in the future! Too many times I hear that our school system is lagging behind in effectiveness for our kids compared to comparable school systems in Connecticut. Hmmm. That makes me sick. I guess just “good enough” is “good enough” for Newtown Schools.

I would love it if we could spend some money on our schools to improve and innovate. Not hang on by a thread and deteriorate. I can only pray.

Linda Watson

51 High Rock Road, Sandy Hook                                 March 30, 2009

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