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The Good And The Bad In Recent ‘Bee’ Coverage



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To the Editor:

The colors in The Newtown Bee all bring to life the “younguns,” the grown-ups, the land features, the businesses, the foundations, the boards, the dates, the dollars.

First: The Pootatuck Restoration Project photo was a winner. Scout Troop 870 and the backup sponsors were the Candlewood Valley Trout Unlimited, and the Pootatuck Watershed Association, whose handsome member men and very pretty Scouts all smiling, with their mud encrusted shovels and boots, knew it to be a job completed, very worthwhile — a gem of a photo — trees selected and delivered by Holmes Fine Gardens. Sincerely, it is one beautiful group picture — I love it!

Second: I was sorry to read Mr Robert Morrison’s letter in a previous Bee edition which likened Donald Trump to being in the same “pot” as Hitler and Putin. In his letter to the editor, 3/29, John Karlson responded that it was disturbing. I much appreciated such a response; I’m somewhat surprised there weren’t more letters, many more. Free speech, yes, but hate speech of this matter is destructive and warrants a factual, truthful explanation, not just an over-the-line opinion.

Third: Brian Trudeau’s letter, 3/29. Implores the Planning and Zoning Commission to honor the safeguards, the trust we, the town has granted to its members. It seems there is some lack of concern about the current plan in development for cluster dense housing on Castle Hill by the commission to protect the total legacy of this precious acreage —truthfully — of water source and wide range of habitat. Also it seems to me that dense housing is not in character with the rest of Newtown and its residential history and public buildings and open space. Consider this too — exiting from Castle Hill to town via West Street to Main Street at The Flagpole. That situation alone is enough to cancel this current plan. Have they planned an option? Could there even be one?

Elizabeth Lincoln


A letter from Elizabeth Lincoln.
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  1. wingeey says:

    It was the Inland Wetland Commission that voted 4 to 3 to approve the cluster home development, even though it will negatively impact 2 wetlands and eliminate a 3rd, without requiring an alternative plan, as required by their own regulations. It is now up to the Borough Zoning Commission (not the Newtown P&Z), to approve or deny the project. If they approve it, it will then move onto the Newtown P&Z to confirm with it complies with the town’s Plan of Conservation & Development.

  2. tomj says:

    The main access to the property is off Main Street near Johnny cake. Lots of sight lines. Honestly, throw a stop light in there and it will slow highway traffic using Main street when 84 backs up.

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