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Pet Wellness Clinic Co-Hosted By CVHAS And Senior Center



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The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary (CVHAS) and Newtown Senior Center co-hosted a Pet Wellness Clinic on March 27.

“It really was a nice way to see the community coming together,” said Jennifer Hubbard — the president and executive director of CVHAS, named after her daughter.

Newtown Senior Center Assistant Director Judy Thomas said it was “a pleasure” to house the Pet Wellness Clinic at the center and to work with CVHAS.

Veterinarians Dr Nicole Sabo of Vet Care Everywhere and Dr Emily Dae Andersen of House Call Veterinarian ran the clinic.

Near the end of the event Sabo said it went “great.” They were able to offer support for local seniors with pets thanks to Spay & Neuter Association of Newtown covering the costs, according to Hubbard and Thomas.

Sabo said 22 animals were vaccinated for rabies thanks to the clinic.

“We made a big impact here today,” said Sabo.

For more information about Vet Care Everywhere see vetcareeverywhere.org, for more information about House Call Veterinarian see healhousecall.com, and for more information about CVHAS see cvhfoundation.org.

Education Editor Eliza Hallabeck can be reached at eliza@thebee.com.

From left, Vet Assistant Emma Fisk, Dr Emily Dae Andersen with dog Noah Apollo, Vet Technician/Admin Kate Dickson, and Dr Nicole Sabo with dog Dr Watson in front, at Newtown Senior Center on March 27.
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