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Save The Christmas Tree



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To the Editor:

Sometimes a tree is more than just tree. The Sandy Hook Christmas Tree is a powerful symbol in our community.  It has been a gathering place in times of joy and sadly in times of great sorrow. The Sandy Hook Christmas Tree stood with us and accepted the outpouring of grief from the community and from the world during our most difficult days.  We owe that tree.

The Newtown Forestry Association plans to remove this beloved tree.  It’s part of a redevelopment plan for the area. I’m sure there are logical reasons for the removal of our tree.  I understand it is old and may only have a few years left with us, and a replacement tree is planned for across the way.

Please don’t kill our Christmas Tree.  Not now.

I believe it is important to Sandy Hook and the Newtown Community to light that tree  – not a replacement.  The holidays will be difficult enough.  Traditions are important.  This will be our first Tree Lighting Ceremony since the tragedy.  The thought that we will never again stand in front of that tree, sing Christmas Carols and count down the lighting, just adds to our loss.  We all know how difficult December will be. Can’t we have this tradition preserved?

Let’s save our Christmas Tree.  Please call the Newtown Forestry Association, 203-270-3650 and let them now how you feel or send an email to nfatreasurer@yahoo.com.  If we don’t rally around the Christmas Tree now then one day you will drive by and it will be gone.  Make that call. Send an email.  Save our Christmas Tree!


Kathleen Barton

7 Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook                  May 1, 2013

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